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OPPOSITION RISING was a Boston based DIY Hardcore Punk band active from 2010 until 2018! The band was formed by four well-seasoned veterans of the Boston Punk and Hardcore scene with the intent of mixing our favorite elements from all the sub-genres of Punk into one aggressive and brutal yet catchy sound with a strong DIY ethic and intelligent lyrics! Soon after forming the band we began playing shows locally and working on our first record.

OPPOSITION RISING began recording our debut release entitled “Aftermathematics” in the summer of 2011, due to the cost of recording and pressing a pro-sounding record by four guys that are broke it took a while but our debut album was officially/digitally released in November of 2011. Soon after the LP came out with the help of some very supportive DIY labels that we can’t thank enough! The LP is a split between our label OPPOSITION RECORDS and our friends at ACTIVE REBELLION (UK), CRASH ASSAILANT RECORDS, PIRATES PRESS RECORDS, RIOT SKA RECORDS (UK), RODENT POPSICLE and TANKCRIMES RECORDS. The album was recorded by Richard Marr at GALAXY PARK STUDIOS and mastered by Jeff Lipton at PEERLESS MASTERING!

OPPOSITION RISING began touring as much as possible throughout the US and Canada for the next couple years and in 2013 began recording our second release entitled “Get Off Your Ass, Get Off Your Knees” which was released as a 10” EP on PIRATES PRESS RECORDS and RIOT SKA RECORDS (UK). This record was recorded on Patriots Day 2013 at Galaxy Park Studios by Richard Marr which was located in Watertown, MA at the time. This was the same day that the Boston Marathon Bombing occurred. Interesting day to be in the studio with all the chaos going on around us. The record came out that summer and the band did a US tour to support the release and spread our music to new people.

OPPOSITION RISING began recording our third release in the spring of 2015, an EP entitled “Riot Starter” which was released as a 7” by PINE HILL RECORDS in the summer of 2015. Though it’s nothing new, police brutality was rampant that year and protests we’re happening all over the country. This record was influenced by and reflected the times we we living in at the moment. We did a full US tour that summer and a 2 week tour of eastern Canada that year as well as countless local and East Coast shows. The band wished we could have played more places but considering our work schedules, finances and the general struggle to survive, it made it almost impossible to go everywhere we would have liked to. We apologize to all our friends and fans that never got to see us live!

OPPOSITION RISING recorded the music and some vocals for what would turn out to be our last record during the spring of 2018, Shortly after the band went on a much needed hiatus! Due to life changes, financial issues and general disgust at the state of todays social media driven Punk scene and world in general it made it hard to survive let alone continue doing this. After that much needed break the pandemic of 2020 kicked in we had had plenty of free time on our hands. So we finished some remaining vocal tracks and mixed what would eventually be called “Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness” a six song EP that we released digitally in May 2020. They’re won’t be physical version of this but we wanted to get it out there for anyone that is interested. It’s available at all your favorite digital music resources. With the pandemic, coming recession, global warming, and all the problems in the world today it’s highly unlikely we will ever resurrect the band again. Most of the members have moved to the woods as far away from people as possible! We would sincerely like to THANK EVERYONE that has supported us over this last decade. Be safe and have a nice apocalypse!