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For those who are interested Opposition Rising is on hiatus at the moment. We’ve been active for over eight years and it’s time to take a break. We may or may not continue in the future. Due to life changes, financial issues and general disgust at the state of todays Punk scene and world in general it makes it hard to survive let alone continue doing this. We put out several records and did several tours and put a lot of effort into it but now its time to move on. We have a few unreleased songs that were gonna mix and release digitally at some point soon. We probably won’t be releasing a physical version of the music and we’re all out of merchandise and probably won’t be making anymore anytime soon. Sorry folks! We appreciate all the inquiries but the only merchandise still available are some remaining vinyl from random sources online. We are all out! We’d like to thank everyone the has supported us and believed in us over the years! We couldn’t have done any of this without you!

Social Media is a Death Machine. We’re sick and disgusted at what these massive corporate platforms have done to music, art and humanity in general. The fact that these are the biggest corporations in the world and that every computer, phone and tablet is made by slave labor by these massive corporations, it’s has always been a surprise to us how many so called anti-corporate people have embraced and become addicted to these products and platforms. Often while attacking other people for being sell outs or their corporate connections. The punk scene has always bordered the line of intolerable hypocrisy but in the last decade it has gotten unbearable. Between the fashionable hipster snowflake infestation of underground music, the circular firing squad of the left, the constant trolling, bullying, lies, false allegations, jealousy and hatred meant to bring each other down on social media, we’re done! We are thoroughly disgusted with it all and our mental and physical health demands we step away from it. Therefore we’re going to delete all of our social media band pages (except our bandcamp) but we will be keeping this website up as long as we can so that people can access our music. Check back occasionally for updates and again thank you for all the support over the years!

Moving to the woods as far away from people as possible!