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OPPOSITION RISING "Riot Starter" 7" EP Second Pressing OUT NOW!
The first pressing is sold out! Thank you so much for all your support! Second pressing - 500 pressed - 100 White w Pink Splatter - 200 Orange - 200 Beer & Blue Mixed Vinyl on Pine Hill Records!

Order here:

Or download it here:

Opposition Rising would like to thank everyone involved in making our most recent US Tour so much fun and everyone that came to the shows and supported us. Extra Special Thanks goes out to Disaster Strikes, Jamie, The Street rats and everyone at the Syracuse Warehouse, La Armada, Through N Through, Ugly Bones, and everyone at Jurassic Park in Chicago, SIK PIN, Bonefire, No Skin, Trinity Test and everyone at Reverie in Minneapolis, ACD Entertainment and West Side Proletariat, Aaron and everyone at Seventh Circle in Denver, Josh Lent, Chain reaction Records, ROAC and everyone at the The Mutiny Cafe, Dave & Econarchy, Cobra vs Mongoose, Doomed To Exist and everyone at the Jam Spot in Albuquerque, Deek McAllister, Mikey & the Austin Pyrate Punx, Broken Board Presents, the Korova and everyone in San Antonio, Whitney Flynn, Freddie Boatwright and everyone in Houston! We would also like to thank Andrew and everyone at Scenic Presents for having us on several great NYC shows this year!

Opposition Rising would like to thank everyone involved in making our Canadian Tour such a success. Extra Special Thanks goes out to Boneless Productions for doing such a great job booking the tour, Dominic and Man In Anger Productions, Jennifer at Bobette Productions, L'Etat C'est Moi, Days Of Rage, everyone at Fattal, House of Targ, Crucial Collective, Jeff and Jay in Ottawa, Hard Charger, L'Animal Merchant, The Atria, Chris & Brittany for the hospitality, Punch Drunk, Chico and Gag Order, Dragged In, Big Brother, Unknown Records, Artificial Dissemination, Sick of Shit, Bacon, Homegrown Hamilton, Doug & Chemical Valley Productions, Barrel Burner, Sound System, The Station Music Hall, Jack Gibbons & Call The Office, Lord Beerus, Manager, Public Speakers, Mark & Archaic North Entertainment, Cocaine Mustache, Jack Spades, Peace Corpse, Noiz a Noiz, Jimmy Jazz, Matte Black & Coalition, Josh & Politikill Incorect, The Sham, Caustic Lime, Jeff, Dan and everyone at Spiderfest, Vomit Productions, everyone that came to the shows, bought us drinks and supported us on this and previous tours in Canada! You Rule! Thank You!

We will be taking this winter off from touring to work on our new album!

Thanks for all your interest and support!